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Toronto Real Estate

The city of Toronto was voted recently by the Economist Magazine as the #1 place to live, and as a result real estate is in hot demand. Everyone wants their piece of the Toronto pie. Real Estate in Toronto and the surrounding areas are broken down into specific neighbourhoods and communities. Different places could have a big impact on prices, price growth potential and ultimately the quality of your life.

Want to know what the best neighbourhood for you to buy in the Greater Toronto Area? We are here to help. My goal is to take a research-backed approach to help you make the right decision at the right time.

Should I buy New Construction or an Existing Home in Toronto?

The Greater Toronto area produces 35,000 new homes a year, but yet population growth is around 100,000 a year. There is clearly not enough homes being built to satisfy demand. As a result, new homes are at a premium in the Greater Toronto Area. If you are wondering whether to buy a new home or existing resale home, we can give you the information you need…after all we literally wrote the book on it.

What Neighborhood Should I Buy A Home In?

Our team studies the 12 different factors for 140 neighbourhoods that make up the city of Toronto to find the spots with the best potential for you and your family. So if you are wondering which Greater Toronto neighbourhood you should live in, we can help you do it…with the facts to back it up.


Buying Property In Toronto As An Investment

Buying Toronto Homes As Investments

Income properties in the GTA make great investments and could produce significant monthly cash flow, but searching through the 100s of listings a day on the MLS to find investments is next to impossible for most investors. For our clients, we want you to be able to get the best returns and not waste your time. We will not only search through the MLS every day, but we will go after off-market properties…AND preview them in advance to ensure that the properties will be great investments. Our work doesn’t stop there, our expertise as being the go-to realtors on HGTV’s Income Property, we will tell you what high net gain renovations you should take on to get the best tenants and best upside on all your properties.

Buying Toronto Condominiums As Investments

We track every single building in the GTA, existing and pre-construction, to find the best deals. Want to find which buildings have the best potential to increase in value and get high rents? We can definitely help you do that.

As for pre-construction condo investing, Brian’s reputation in the industry allows him to get insider access to many projects and we have the analytics to help you pick the best plan for the project.

Buying Real Estate As A First Time Buyer

Yes, we know Real Estate is expensive and buying your first home can be stressful without the right guide.

If you want to know what Tax Credits, Loans Rebates, RRSP Programs and Grants are available to you give us a call. Not only do we have the neighbourhood and renovation expertise, we also have the financial expertise to ensure your dollar goes a long way.

Buying vs Renting

Average rents in the Greater Toronto Area are rising and real estate prices are increasing faster than people can save, leaving many renters in a tough spot. To get an honest, fact-based consultation on whether you should buy vs rent….hit us up.