Why is It Dangerous to use Price Per Square foot to determine the Value of your Condo?

It’s really popular in Toronto to use condo price per square foot to determine value of your condo. Here are 3 important factors that could throw a monkey wrench into that logic.

Factors other than Condo Price Per Square foot to Consider:


Condo Floorplans


  • It doesn’t take into account layout quality (click here to download a pdf version)

Good and Bad Condo Layouts

Condo Views

  • City views and lake views could add a $100 per square foot or more to a condo, even if they are in the same building.


Condo Ceiling Heights, Finishes and Appliances


  • Identical units in condo buildings facing the same direction could have different ceiling heights, finishes and appliances. This will significantly impact the value of one unit over another.

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